About Us

Founded in 2020  Tatsus's Palace is a small business and proprietorship in the city of Salem,OR.Our origins begin with the founder Brian Hernandez during the Covid Lockdown mandated across the state of Oregon.As I stayed at home during the lockdown while attending highschool during my senior year I noticed that there were not a lot of anime shops local or nearby the Salem/Keizer area.The closest was in Portland although it was very far from my location.So I decided to start to plan my business venture and started to get to work on tackling those two problems.The first thing I did was figuring out the location which I did by going to the local flea market and setting up shop there due to its close ties and familiarity with the Latino/Hispanic community.The next step was making sure the shop had plenty of variety and genres of anime goods.

Currently as of right now we have 114 loyal customers! In addition,to that our customers come from Salem, Keizer, Woodburn,McMinnville, Independence, and other cities staying committed to our determination of being a local anime shop and catering to the Latino/Hispanic community.Our passion for Anime means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality of products, such as figures,keychains,wallets and more that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied!